Red Sky is the newest Member of Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies

We are pleased to welcome the newest member of Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies - Red Sky company.

Red Sky is a Polish registered company which specializes in the creation, development of and operation of web based social media services. It applies the latest technologies in line with current programming trends. One of the branches of the company is based in Moldova.

Among its products we can find FilesTube. Com, the world's largest search directory of audio files and video files, online games, free software and lyrics. Domain:, number of users: 80 mln (Google Analytics);, the new website is dedicated to help its users in finding the best alternative to virtually anything and follows the success of RedSky`s first web site, is a search engine for every possible alternative.

The knowledge is treated on an open basis by its users, which creates a borderless experience and enables every user who visits the page to create content, categorize data and perform updates. The content created is being monitored by a group of designated experts whose task is to ensure the quality of the content;, an international video portal oriented towards its users. The database, created and co-edited by the users, has the chance to become one of the largest movie portals in the world; is a so called “skill gaming portal”, which gives its users the possibility to compete in simple skill games, where real money is at stake. To join the game, a user transfers money to his account and pays a fee to enter the game. The more players take part in a game, the bigger the main prize.

RedSky limited company was founded in 2007 by two young programmers from Szczecin, Poland: Arkadiusz Senko and Maciej Zawisza de Sulima. Arek and Maciek, with heads full of ideas for an online business, quickly began to process them in existing projects. Poland as well as the rest of the world learned about the young visionaries in 2009, when their service burst onto the list of 100 most visited websites in the global Internet.

Since that time, they are working on other projects that are to revolutionize the global Internet. Red Sky’s most recognizable web based service is (a multimedia web site),,, and (a web site dedicated to vehicle and car sales), which are also present in Poland, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. is the largest Internet based website in the world created by a Polish company. (Source: Red Sky)